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 "Tetrahyderial Flight" original embossed-acrylic painting on canvas. I have a gallery collection of this type of art in many sizes and mediums.


 "The Time Traveler" digitally-manipulated photo-collage.


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We are now printing artwork on leather!  Hide wall-hangings, rugs, custom furniture, and more.

"Equestral Stardancers" from embossed-acrylic on canvas original.



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 Made-to-order props, framed wall art, map murals , cartoons...

Old Cars.


 Dear Visitor,

I have created, and own all the copyrights, to the all of the artworks featured on this site! Need an artistic item you just can't find? Get in touch and I'll come up with something, sketch, design, model, etc.

This site is specifically designed for set decorators, property masters, and production designers needing UNIQUE FINE ART. You can commission, purchase, or rent fine art, in many styles and techniques, for most of your motion picture & television projects, right here.

Check out the site and see  "Galleries-full" of readily-available artworks and samples for custom art designed to create visual excitement for your productions.


Bernie Granados has been serving the film industry, as a
paramedic, (IATSE local 767) and as an artist, for over 46 years.
He brings many styles, techniques and subject matter to his fine art.

No need for a copyright search, the artist owns all copyrights! 

You can preview style and technique samples of the work right here.

Bernie's multi-media fine arts have been used in such films and TV as; Ted Turner's  "The Native Americans", Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", "Speechless", "Gabriel's Fire", "Rainman", "Who's Harry Crumb?", "Fair Game", "Highway to Heaven",  "Evolution",  "CSI", "Guns, Girls, and Gambling", "Guide to Life", "The Gates" and "Lords of Salem".

Some of Bernie's collectors are Dustin Hoffman, Ben Kingsley, and the late Buck Owens.

Just find a style or design you like, and call me, I will
find or create similar artworks to meet most special requests.

I can also create large modern wall art, sculpture, miniatures, and art installations.

I also have some "aged to perfection" art studio props and set dressing; canvasses, works-in-progress, easels, paints, brushes, sculpture-tools, woodcarving tools, old tool boxes, sketches and other "artistic junk" , ....... I mean, "treasures".

Thank you for visiting my site. I will be uploading many new artworks as they are finished, archival art as it is posted, and new editions as they are released. This site is always expanding the inventory available for rentals, and purchase, right here.

Telephone 818-240-4421   Please leave a message.

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All artwork on this site copyright Bernie Granados Jr. 2018

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