Some Current  Designs & Techniques

Handcrafted plaster-roll construction, decorated with acrylic paints, horsehair, beads, leather, sinew, trade-cloth, wood, gourds, feathers, brass & copper. (approximately 4" to 14" high, with feathers)

Folk Art Collections

Antique-Style Masks, can be made to order..



I have over 100 Mexican & Guatemalan wooden-masks in the rental collection.



Lynx Mask


Horse Mask


Horse Mask




"A miniature Northwest Coast Collection" Hoffman Collection

Some miniature mask collections are available, mixed-media hero items can be sculpted in fine detail, and worn.


Many full-sized masks are available, and monument-to-miniature-sized mask commissions, in all styles, are welcome.

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Rental Collection

M17 "Pueblo Style Mask" on plexiglass stand.

(Anasazi bowl not included)

M11 "Bear Spirit" wall mask. (available)

M2 "Aztec Eagle Dancer" mask

"Owl Mask"

"Zacatec Mask" hand-crafted edition.

"Bear Spirit, series 3"

 "Warhorse"  mixed-media mask, large size.

 "25 pc. miniature mask Collection" in a 10" x 16" x 4" lucite box, $ 850.00


"Apache-style Eagle Dancer" mask, on lucite stand, height 15"

 "Buffalo Mask, series 1"

 "Buffalo Mask, series 2"

 "Buffalo Mask, series 3"

 "Bear Spirit 2"

 "Corn Spirit" gourd mask


 "Starman 2"



 "Warrior Mask"