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-Specialty Fine Arts Rentals and Commissions-

-Concepts  &  Design-

-Steel Sculpture-





-Food Art-



-Technical Advice-

-Restaurant Environments-

-Real and Faux Art Tiles-

-Computer-Generated Art Forms-

-Digitally Manipulated Photography-

-Some Rustic Art Studio/Shop "aged to perfection"  Set Dressing Available-

Easles, Brushes, Holders, Paints, Palettes, Drop cloths, Furniture, Sculpting and Carving Tools, and More.  "Works-in-Progress" Clays, Sketches, Canvasses, Watercolors, about a hundred Guatemalan wooden folk art masks, and some Taos Drums.

The artist with a woodcarving set-up.

"I Could Scream!" digitally-manipulated collage.


"Equestral Stardancers" giclee edition

Top-Quality Photography, Irisprints & Giclees by

Topi Arvi Editions:

626-358-4068 email

Need Funny Art?

MADCOWponies Cartoons, in pen & ink, watercolor and limited-edition giclee prints...

  Many types of cartoons and illustration services are available.

Call 818-240-4421 regarding custom cartoon-character designs in 2 & 3-D.

Very high-quality custom and specialty framing is available from my good friends at...

Framepros... In Glendale, California.       Tel. 818-507-9129.

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