Western and Equine Art


"Horse Catcher with Comet", embossed-acrylic on canvas, 15" x 30".


"Dixieland Band" digital photograph. Other equine images in photography,

sketches, paintings, sculpture, etc. available as commissions/rentals.


"Quiet Morning in the Valley" acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 inches, custom-framed.


"The Horse Catcher with Moon"" embossed-acrylic on canvas, 30" x 30", artist-wrapped edges.

"Night of the Thunderhorses" giclee, custom-framed, available

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P14 "The Good Omen" a/c,  36" x 48"

P15 "El Vaquero" a/c 16" x 20"

P13 "Distant Hoofbeats" acrylic on canvas, unframed, cost $3,500.00

P49 "Ancient Echoes" acrylic on canvas, custom-framed, size 24 x 30, cost $2,900.00


P36 "The Sky Chasers" acrylic on canvas, artist-wrapped edges, 15 x 33 inches, cost $ 1,700.00

P11 "The Roper" acrylic on panel.

"La Riata" acrylic on panel, custom-framed, size 13 x 18, cost $ 800.00

"Running Free" lithographs, $ 150.00, unframed.

"Ahead of the Storm" acrylic on panel, size 20 x 15, custom-framed, cost $ 800.00

"Skycatchers" giclee edition of 70, image size 22 x29 1/2 with deckled edge, cost $ 600.00

"The Horse Catcher" embossed-acrylic on canvas, 17 x 21.

"The Spirit Horse" series 2, embossed-acrylic on tempered-masonite16 x 20.

"Spirit Horse" acrylic on panel,  custom-framed.

"Running Free" Giclee, large